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Joined June 06, 2016 (seven years ago)
Type Builder
The_GenderBender, Bloctagon, Jonathan5454, HawkedOnFonix, Sniper231996, BigBat, ElVengineer, WarLordN1k, OldFreeWilly, Tesco, Cloverfrost, Xx_Regicide_xX, bucky2000, R2BEEaton


1Charlie3 joined June 6th, 2016. He played for a very short period (as little as 3 hours) before getting killed after a promising start. He ragequit and didn't log on again until January of 2017, then once more he became active. After building several solo bases and making many friends, 1Charlie3 joined the first Haven Temp Base, and has been building with them since then. In addition to building, 1Charlie3 also enjoys creating map art. His first map art on 2b2t was Billy Joel.