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Joined 2016 (seven years ago)

2b2tRiotPolice, otherwise known as Neogene, is the leader of the Imperialists. He joined shortly after rusher did because he found the hype(in 1st person by the legend 2b2tRiotPolice) I first joined 2b2t in early 2016 not talking much because I was a bit scared of what went on I went out to about 100k and made a small underground base which I made my first set of gear I then fell of a cliff shortly after and did not make a bed. Later 2016 and early 2017 was a blank in my head but I know i got tougher during that time and learned as much as i could about 2b2t exploring. I joined the 6th Incursion and went on to be a Wall Builder and I made friends with people there I also am friends with people like SonEasterZombie and Cloverfrost who I invited to a base I do not yet have a group of close players I do stuff with all my close friends were from servers less rutheless which are the 2b2t alts I do love my team I love all of my team very much and am thankful to have them.

Recently 2b2tRiotPolice has left spawn to go to the world border or near it. He plans to keep to himself as a nomad for now as all of his old friends moved on as nomads also.