Offtopia is a well known and respected oldfag on the server. He has been playing on 2b2t since early 2011, well before the Facepunch "Republic's" establishment.


He was part of THEJudge's group and helped people at spawn. He would hire players from both the Facepunch Republic and the 4channers . When the group disbanded, Offtopia moved on to help out Jaang with the Valley of Wheat . He spent his days protecting the Valley and killing anyone who would not replant the crops and inviting his previous comrades from THEJudgeHolden's group, such as xcc2 and passie05. Eventually, the time of the Valkyrians arrived and so Offtopia went on to join them. He participated in all three of the first incursions. When Valkyria disbanded, Offtopia went on to help several of his ex-Valkyrian friends build bases. He eventually joined Fit, one of his third incursion comrades, against the Rusher invasion and became a well respected general among Team Veteran.


Offtopia eventually went on to lose contact with Fit and become distant from Team Veteran, because he thought Fit leaked the Crystal Islands coords to Rusher, that he was a sellout, and the belief that Team Veteran was not the best way to get rid of the Rushers. He moved on to start the construction of The Drain with Team Aurora members. Fit wanted to tell him that these are false accusations but could not contact Offtopia anywhere. Fit eventually made a video touring the Drain, in which he found using the Coord Exploit of 2016, in an attempt to make contact with Offtopia. Offtopia eventually began to panic that the Drain was compromised on a video he posted, however Fit declared he would not give away the coords and that he just wanted to get his attention. Fit made a video about this whole drama on his youtube channel. The Drain was eventually griefed by the 4th Reich, which found it using different methods and without the help of Fit.


At some time between The Drain being griefed up July 2017, he has been apart of a base called Summermelon. One of the members of the base leaked the coordinates of Rocket Town . Fit then discovered Summermelon and destroyed the base with the help of AlphaComputer, ChromeCrusher and others to avenge Rocket Town (even though it really turned out to be another way for Fit to make money on YouTube).