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Joined November 2016 (seven years ago)
Type Builder, Explorer, PvP'er
Sh0t, LukayeXtreme, Dae1250, DieloTai, Unofficial Speed, Block567 and many other players from the 6th Incursion
An image taken by 23edwa0123 at the 6th Incursion Temp Map base
An image taken by 23edwa0123 patrolling and fixing the Lava curtain with fellow 6th Incursion Members


23edwa0123 joined in November of 2016 with the exact date unknown. He joined after viewing Fit's channel and his videos. He did not make much progress and quit. He came back in July of 2017. 23edwa0123 got geared up in July of 2017. 23edwa0123 didn't dupe any items because he was unable to get on during the 1.12 dupes. 23edwa0123 then joined Dielo Tai's live streams and had fun for sometime. 23edwa0123 visited Drollovitch's Pyramid. 23edwa0123 helped build the obsidian roof over spawn. In Late September of 2017, 23edwa0123 left 2b2t for a long time. 23edwa0123 then came back in April of 2018 to join the 6th Incursion. 23edwa0123 was a helper in the 6th Incursion and helped fix the lava curtain, Helped fix the south wall and helped build the 6th Incursion Spawn Base. 23edwa0123 was active into Late May of 2018 and then left again. 23edwa0123 has come back in July of 2018 to stay.

The Obsidian Roof

In August of 2017 23edwa0123 was a helper of the Obsidian Roof Project. Laying down many shulkers of obsidian and mining many ender chests, this was 23edwa0123's first major contribution to the community of 2b2t. 23edwa0123 helped build the Obsidian Roof on and off in August of 2017.

The 6th Incursion

On April 4th, 2018. 23edwa0123 was interested in joining the 6th Incursion. He messaged fellow 2b2t player, HermeticLock to join and 23edwa0123 was quickly sponsored by his friends that were Sub-Leaders and Leaders in the Incursion. The 2b2t Temp Map was still on and 23edwa0123 didn't mind that and helped develop the 6th Incursion Temp Map base. 23edwa0123 was a helper during the 6th Incursion and on the 2b2t Main Map he was usually seen on patrol with a few other Incursion members securing broken parts of the wall and the lava curtain. He killed many AntVenom fans during the Incursion and, overall had a fun time in the 6th Incursion.


23edwa0123's video of blowing up an AntVenom fan sanctuary on 2b2t:

23edwa0123 with Dielo Tai blowing up someones stash: