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Founded June 2012 (eleven years ago)
Founders Phagocytic
Coordinates (-2000, -2000)

Zion, colloquially known as 2k2k, is one of the most notable monuments near spawn on 2b2t. The base's colloquial name was given by the players of 2b2t due to its coordinates being close to X:-2000, Z:-2000. The base was built by the Facepunch Republic, but was mantained by the group of Zion after the Republic collapsed, led by Phagocytic. The base was built sometime in June of 2012.


In the final days of the destruction of the Facepunch War, 2k2k served as the last base and stronghold for the Facepunch Republic. At this point, the Republic was in shambles. Chezhead lead the Republic poorly and the 4channers were quickly pressing in. Chezhead gave up on the Republic, and so the remaining Facepunchers tried to keep it together but failed and the Republic died in February 2012. One of the last bands of Facepunchers still loyal to their fallen Republic, lead by Phagocytic, decided to create a spawn base in order to continuously rebuild the base in hopes that the 4channers would eventually give up on destroying the base. The base had been destroyed several times but the Republic persisted to rebuild it and fight off opponents. The Facepunchers gradually began to get tired of rebuilding the base and many lost hope. Due to this, the Facepunchers lost their final stand and with this defeat, the last of the old Republic was destroyed with 2k2k being obliterated sometime in June of 2012.

2k2k now lies in a large cobblestone tomb, after hundreds, possibly thousands of lavacasts were dumped upon it. A player by the name of Dyceley contributed to most of the casts, as before his griefing rampage, 2k2k was still in recognizable shape. Some of its original structure remains and people have done some restoration among the tomb, with many restored rooms being discoverable within the cobblestone hell. Of course, these don't last too long but people continue to restore nonetheless. It is also possible to get lost in the vast catacomb of cobblestone (If you are in Vanilla) and die if you do not know how to navigate yourself through it.