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Joined December 13, 2016 (seven years ago)
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AntVenom is a well-known Minecraft YouTube personality. His interest in 2b2t directed initiated the events of the Sixth Incursion. During his time on 2b2t, AntVenom was recognised as the most respectful YouTuber to create content on 2b2t, and was widely liked by the community.


Pre-Incursion Sightings
Though he did not make his YouTube video until April 03, 2018 (five years ago), he had been seen on 2b2t in late 2016. During this time, he had been asked if he would be making a 2b2t video, to which he generally responded that he would consider it. Beyond this, AntVenom had no pre-Incursion presence on 2b2t, though it has been widely speculated that he played on alternative accounts.

The Sixth Incursion
AntVenom's video, properly entitled "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy," aired on April 03, 2018. This immediately spawned the Sixth Incursion, an event realised by Sato86. During the Incursion, he participated in slaughtering his own fans, and was, by many, considered to be a part of the Sixth Incursion itself. His friend, Michaelmcchill, also participated in the slaughter and was one of the first people to construct a gulag. AntVenom signed a number of books for the members of the Incursion.

AntVenom has not been seen on 2b2t since the end of the Sixth Incursion.