Armorsmith's Followers

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Armorsmith's Followers
Founded 2017 (six years ago)
Armorsmith, Duzixon, 4Pilot, Metrez, Pheanom01, Cgtdream, Caviyaz, quj, IHackedWalmart


Armorsmith's Followers is a group created by Armorsmith in 2017. The purpose of this group is centered around Armorsmith, who created the group for the purpose of being worshipped by those who join. This group has created a variety of structures on 2b2t, ranging from small Spawn-structures to group projects.


The phase I logo for Armorsmith's Followers.
The phase II logo for Armorsmith's Followers.
A massive hammer and sickle created by Armorsmith's Followers, made from obsidian. Overhead view.
A massive Armorsmith-themed remake of Wrath Outpost.

Phase I
Armorsmith created the group with his friend, uglykids, for the purpose of being worshipped. The original name of the group was "The Soviet Reunion," but this name never became the official title. The symbol used by Armorsmith's Followers was created during this time period. Armorsmith would return to Spawn with P529 and househousehouse1 to construct a third lag machine during Christmas. It was at this time that he created his [1] group, Armorsmith's Followers. He gave P529 and househousehouse1 a co-leadership role. Househousehouse1 would leave the group later.

The group expanded rapidly, as Armorsmith used bots to spam his Discord invitation in 2b2t chat. Those who were more dedicated to Armorsmith were rewarded by his trust, and given higher ranks within the group. These dedicated members were also rewarded with invitations to bases. One of these bases was 200 150, a base at the coordinates (200, 150). This was one of the Armorsmith's Followers first accomplishments, and also one of the largest lavacasts on 2b2t. It was so big, in fact, that the SpawnMasons later used it as a lodge during one of their meetings.

The group would also utilise FPS lag machines at Spawn. These machines were built primarily by Armorsmith and Sextinq. Later, the group worked on a Wrath Outpost replica named the Wrath of Armorsmith. Obsidian was supplied by IHackedWalmart, and construction was done by Armorsmith, Metrez, and Pheanom. This would become their primary base of operations.

The group also became infamous for its spamming. Armorsmith and friends utilised a handful of Armorsmith-themed accounts to make the public chat otherwise unreadable. In addition, the group served as an enemy of the Sixth Incursion. They placed hundreds of withers along THE WALL, slowing progress and making it more difficult to complete. A series of battles between the Sixth Incursion and Armorsmith's Followers also occurred.

The group has experimented with politics as well, having created the concept of Armorstate, a pseudo-democratic system in which a "president" is elected every six months. The president would have limited authority. In addition to their political endeavours, Armorsmith created his own subreddit for Armorsmith's Followers, as well as merchandise and a donation system.

Armorsmith's Followers are responsible for Space 2k2k, a base which was started in summer of 2018.

Phase II
During the Superweapon sales of 2018, Armorsmith's Followers obtained a large amount of swords and pickaxes. They were the first group to hand out superweapons without demanding any form of tangible currency, using their occupational system which allowed players to work for Armorsmith in exchange for virtual items. It was during this time that Armorsmith's Followers absorbed many other groups, such as The Prussian Empire. The group is still active on 2b2t as of July 2018, and its most recent contribution was a large hammer and sickle using over 180,000 blocks of obisidan.
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