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Joined June 2016 (seven years ago)
Type Griefer, Redstoner
JuicyBear, GanjMeisterBlock, C4RTM4N, fr1kin, jared2013, Joey_Coconut, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, TheColdOneJC
An image taken by AutismBot of his coal block castle.
An image taken by AutismBot upon his arrival at Ironfarm Base.
A render of Block Game Mecca, taken by AutismBot.
The goldfarm at Obliviscaris.
The item sorter created by AutismBot at Invictus II.


AutismBot is a playey who joined in early June of 2016. He has participated in a number of griefs, as well as a number of bases. He is skilled at redstone construction and is a member of the Fourth Reich. He is friends with a couple members of The Tyranny as well as the majority of 2b2t's griefer community. He is also a member of the SpawnMasons, and the creator of the Shortbus Caliphate.


AutismBot, also known as Slappnbadkids, which is the name of his original account, joined 2b2t in June of 2016. Whilst browsing YouTube, a video made by TheCampingRusher appeared in his recommendations. However, it was not until he watched a video by Fit that he decided to join the server. He played infrequently for the first couple of months, as the queue was enormous. His first few months on the server were spent exploring, and it was not until his wife, JuicyBear, expressed interest in joining the server that he actually began creating bases. When he killed himself to Spawn to help JuicyBear escape, he ran into a player by the name of Joey_Coconut. He and Joey_Coconut quickly became friends and they would spend their time farming melons. They agreed to create a base together, but when Joey and AutismBot went along the wrong axes, the plans for a base were canceled. He spent a short amount of time exploring the nether with JuicyBear, and created a temporary base as he grinded for gear for a journey to 1,000,000. Once the pair reached 1,000,000, they established a small castle made of coal blocks, with plans for a permanent base. However, within a couple of weeks, they were invited to Invictus, and the base was abandoned.

Nothing of particular interest happened at Invictus, and the base was leaked to Donster by GetDroppedKids shortly after their arrival. Invictus II was the first significant base that AutismBot took part in. AutismBot was rather new to Minecraft at the time, and did not attempt to build "nice-looking" things. Instead, he creted a two-hundred slot item sorter at the base, along with auto-farms, and a small villager-trading system. Whilst escorting a new member of Invictus II from Spawn, he noticed a misplaced portal with a bed in the nether. At the time, he had no knowledge of the bed teleportation exploit, and simply thought it odd. He approached the portal conclusively, and was greeted by the entirety of the abandoned La Rosa on the overworld side. AutismBot alerted his fellow members of Invictus and they made the decision to strip the base of all valuables. The valuables were then transported to Invictus.

Shortly after the raid of La Rosa, player jared2013 was alerted by C4RTM4N, a member of the La Rosa base, that it had been destroyed, and tasked him with retrieving the items. Whilst AutismBot was at Spawn, Jared invited him to restore a goldfarm, and they became friends. At this point, AutismBot had no knowledge that jared2013 intended to steal his items. Since he had commitments at Invictus II, he decided to create the account "AutismBot," as a joke on the account "BibleBot," and the name was born.
The Fall of Ironfarm Base and the Rise of BGM
AutismBot quickly decided that the goldfarm restoration project was a bad idea, and befriended one of Jared's basemates, fr1kin. He as invited to fr1kin and jared2013's Ironfarm Base, a place where he would stay until after 11/11. Invictus II was leaked, and the follow-up base, Obliviscaris, lasted only a short amount of time. Obliviscaris was soon leaked to NedaT by a player named TechReadyGamer, and the base was abandoned. AutismBot and JuicyBear moved their remaining items to Ironfarm Base. At this point, AutismBot joined the Fourth Reich, and participated in a number of griefs with them.

When the 11/11 duplication hit 2b2t, jared2013 had already scrapped his plans for the manipulation of AutismBot and truly befriended him. As a result, when Jared learned of the 11/11 duplication, AutismBot and fr1kin were some of the first players to be notified. Ironfarm Base became a hub of items, and stashes were created all around the base. Unfortunately, the largest stash was compromised and griefed by a player using KnightVista's account. In addition, smaller bases were found on the outskirts of Ironfarm Base, and so the base was abandoned. AutismBot was invited to Ragnarok I by 0xymoron, but, as 0xymoron had destroyed a base of the Fourth Reich, AutismBot leaked the coordinates to Tim_Mcnukepants, and Ragnarok I was destroyed. AutismBot was also invited to participate in C4RTM4N's 2b2t Creative Mode Project, but soon after its creation, the player Parthicus was invited, and the base was no more.

Following the destruction of the 2b2t Creative Mode Project, AutismBot was approached by a player named GanjMeisterBlock with an offer to found a base. A short list of candidates was selected from the members of the 2b2t Creative Mode Project, with the additions of several friends that AutismBot had collected over the course of his time on 2b2t. Block Game Mecca was founded on January 001, 2017 (six years ago), and would be the jewel of AutismBot's contribution to 2b2t for the next one and a half years.

Around this time, JuicyBear decided to take a break from the server, and AutismBot was for the first time left without a building partner. He would initially focus on the redstone at BGM, and spent much of his time creating an item sorter, a goldfarm, and a guardian farm. He eventually decided that the base was ugly and tried his hand at building, gradually developing into an abstract geometrical style. He built most of the cathedral, the UFO, the rustic village center, and the hitler statue. JuicyBear would return to 2b2t and assist in many of Block Game Mecca's group projects.
The Post-grief and Now
Following the destruction of Block Game Mecca on June 001, 2018 (five years ago), AutismBot convinced most of its members to start a base known as Aftermath. It was quickly decided that Aftermath was a "stupid plan," and abandoned entirely. AutismBot left Aftermath and started a new base, on which he, as of July 2018, is currently working. He would like to let you know that it will be the new greatest base on 2b2t, and you, yes you, are not invited.

AutismBot, as of July 2018 (five years ago), is still active on 2b2t.
Additional Information
AutismBot is known for having one of the first post-june 2016 bots to gain the acceptance of the greater 2b2t community. It spams a variety of offensive content, and includes commands such as !suicidetips, !insult (player), and !advice. It also has a !joinmessage command which functions similarly to BibleBot's.

AutismBot has been involved in quite a few griefs throughout his time on 2b2t. These would include:

He has also griefed a variety of smaller bases and stashes.

AutismBot has a love of offending people, and often attempts to do so in chat. His messages are often indistinguishable from his bot's messages.