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2b2t Museum admins (former), Builders Haven members (former), Llane

Beardler's claim to fame was being involved in the grief of Block Game Mecca, as well as the grief of The Boedecken. Beardler was directly accused of stealing items from each base's museum and then griefing the base to cover up his theft. Many conflicting opinions are being held in response to BGM's grief. Some people believe Beardler who says that his account was hacked, while others deem it unlikely to happen. Beardler himself has reportedly admitted that the hacking story was damage control, but no evidence exists to support that claim. Beardler has since become one of the most controversial people on 2b2t.

Beardler has recently taken a liking to modern fascism which most members of the community see as a phase, which a young teenager is going through.