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Builder's Haven is a large build project. It was founded by Beardler on 5/25/2018 (kicked out after Purgatory II grief) and managed by Jonathan5454, 1Charlie3, Bloctagon, HawkedOnFonix, and Xx_Regicide_xX. As of July 2018, the group has 20 active members.


On 5/25/2018, Beardler created a channel on The Builders Guild (Museum recruitment center until Jonathan5454 gained owner perms) called Builder's Haven. The original idea was to gather all of the known builders across to work on one base called Haven that would span a 1000x1000 block region across 25 different biomes once 1.13 was released. Worried about the fact anybody that has a role in the Builders Guild could join, Jonathan5454 created a seperate discord server for Builder's Haven. Beardler and Jonathan5454 managed applications of players in the channel. Within one day, the server reached 20 members.

Rise of the Temp Bases


Main article: Purgatory

On May 28th, 2018, 1Charlie3 had the idea to create a tempbase 50,000 blocks away from the (former) Haven coords. The small underground dupe stash later became a large hub of underground builds, dupe stashes, and villager farms. The base was soon named Purgatory (between heaven and hell)(retrospectively known as Purgatory I). Purgatory lasted only 4 days before Lifeisgood72 griefed the base. Beardler was responsible for accepting Lifeisgood72 even though Jonathan5454 denied his application. Lifeisgood72 also compromised the coords to Builder's Haven, resulting in the coords changing to a different location.

Purgatory II

Main article: Purgatory II

Around 30 minutes after the grief of Purgatory, the members at Builder's Haven moved to a farther location. This base was originally called Purgatory Remastered, but was changed to Purgatory II (also known as Purgatory 2). This base lasted longer than other Builder's Haven tempbases, lasting 16 days. Around 20 out of the 53 members were active at Purgatory II. Purgatory II is considered the largest tempbase to exist on On June 16, 2018, Xamio leaked coords to Autismbot, m_o_t_h_r_a, and Xdolf. Purgatory II was griefed by members of the Shortbus Caliphate for revenge of Beardler's actions (during the BoeMeccan Witch Trials regarding his grief of Boedecken and Block Game Mecca). The subreddit exploded with posts saying "BEARDLER BASE BTFO". Beardler was kicked out of his own group for his recent actions on 2b2t. 20 out of the 53 members were also kicked due to little or no activity.

Purgatory III

Purgatory III was a meme base that lasted for 30 minutes at (0, 0) to troll spawnfags.

Purgatory IV

Main article: Purgatory IV

Also known as Mesa Purgatory, Purgatory IV was founded after Keir/Skerge (known leaker, later kicked) and Bloctagon wanted to find a new spot for a temp base. It was only about 5,000 blocks away from where the group was already stationed, so it wasn't a terrible distance to travel. Keir/Skerge leaked the coordinates to Xdolf, who came on an alt (TheBronyOf2b2t), and griefed the base. There was also a battle between Xdolf and members of the base.

Exposition (Purgatory V)

Main article: Exposition

Also known as Purgatory V, Exposition was the final Builder's Haven tempbase. Founded on 6/23/2018, this tempbase was located on a Mushroom Island with smaller and denser builds. The base was leaked and griefed the morning of 7/16/2018. After the grief, the members at Builder's Haven decided to wait for 1.13 to arrive at their own bases rather than making a new tempbase.


These are all of the members that have participated/formerly participated in the Builders Haven. There are currently 20 builders at Builders Haven.

Base Overseers

Base Members

Former Members