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Joined February 2018 (five years ago)
Type Builder & Designer
Bloctagon, Jonathan5454, HawkedOnFonix, BigBatYT, ElVengineer, WarLordN1k, OldFreeWilly, Tesco, 1Charlie3, Xx_Regicide_xX, bucky2000, R2bEEaton, The_GenderBender, StneCldKilla, Z3m1, 2b2tRiotPolice, HermeticLock, Sniper231996
Builder's Haven

Cloverfrost_ is a newfag that joined a few months before the Sixth Incursion against AntVenom's fans where she served as a WALL architect. In regular 2b2t life, she is a detail builder and illustrator. She is currently a core member of Builder's Haven.

Cloverfrost_ is also an admin for HermeticLock's project.


Illustration of (right to left) StneCldKilla, Cloverfrost_, Z3m1, and Zurisadai, done in Adventure Time style by request.
Vector illustration render of Cloverfrost_'s Minecraft skin.

Cloverfrost_ first found out about 2b2t by Googling for mature servers, hoping to contribute to a good community.

On joining, she first escaped spawn by arriving on Hope Island at spawn, sustained on melons planted by a player named Zurisadai and building on the island. There she met Z3m1 who shared a stash with her. During the temp map of April 2018, she and Z3m1 met up with StneCldKilla who they went on to base with on the main map, creating the Dugout/Hause Base.

Later they joined the Imperialists and built at their main base. Cloverfrost_ served as temporary co-leader in 2b2tRiotPolice's absence.

During the Sixth Incursion, Cloverfrost_ served as a WALLWORKER, WALL architect, and Schutzstaffel.

She joined Valinor and the 2b2t Builder's Guild, then Builder's Haven, basing at Purgatory II, Purgatory IV, and Exposition (Purgatory V).