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Equilibrium overhead.png
Founded 2016-09-20
Founders c3rv3z4
Griefed 2018-06-01
Griefers jared2013
Coordinates -20000 69 -1337000
c3rv3za (Founder), Fabustra, Prismary, RodDeveloper, Giganox, Est_Miyamae, Aryezz, Drollovitch, paulklee2000, Bwankie, NikReturns

Equilibrium is a base founded on September 20th 2016 by c3rv3z4. It was quickly discovered by YouTuber Mines who made a video about it.

c3rv3z4 started recruiting mainly german 2b2t Players, the first ones being Fabustra and Prismary.

Over time more and more players were invited, until the base was griefed on the first of June by jared2013 as the last base in his "31days31griefs" month of destruction.


Community Building

Originally intended to serve founder c3rv3z4 as his house, the increase of players in the base quickly caused it to become a central hub with large tunnel systems and a sorting system underground. Being the oldest building in the base, it has gone through a lot of revisions throughout it's lifespan.

Creeper Head

The creeper head is one of the oldest buildings of the base and has gone through almost no revisions since it was built by c3rv3z4 not long after he founded the base. Before the Equilibrium Logs got moved into the community building, this was it's usual location and the notification-hub.


The stable served as a place to breed cattle and get their drops from. It has later been removed in order to make room for future projects.

Aztec Temple / Spleef Arena

Being built in a few days after the invitation of Fabustra the Aztec Temple was one of the most notable builds in the entire base until the very end.

Shulker Patrol Tower

Fabustra's second large-scale project. The reason for the construction of the tower was there being too much stone material and something had to be done with it. It has later been repurposed to be the HQ of the Shulker Patrol consisting of a few basemates who have been picking up abandoned shulker boxes at spawn.


A tribute to the Valley of Wheat by Est_Miyamae. It consists of a large field of wheat and a wooden tower in the center.

"Happy Treefriend" Map Art

The Treefriend Map Art is one of the earliest Map Arts made after the first Map Reset by Prismary and Fabustra. It often served as a pearl spot for short trips to Spawn. It was one of the reasons Prismary and MiningMinecraft started talking about Map Art and later cooperating with a few more players to found the Map Artists of 2b2t community.

Giganox' Forest

When Giganox arrived, he started construction on his forest. It is mainly consisting of Housetrees, his signature building.

Est's Castle

The second and last project by Est_Miyamae. The castle has never been finished, even though she worked on it everytime she logged onto the server.

"Silica" Map Art (Part 1)

The first and only part of the Silica Map Art, which never came to be finished. Prismary made a reddit post about the project.


As the base members got their hands on more and more artifacts, Fabustra constructed a museum building, replacing a very small room which has been part of the community building. Before the interior got finished, the 1.12 Stacking Dupe happened and the place was used for duping. Later the items were moved into one of the Twin Towers and organized there so the building could serve it's original purpose again.

Twin Towers

A minecraft-replica of the Twin Towers mainly constructed by Fabustra and Giganox. One of the towers housed the base's Dupe Stash, the other one had a simple water based Mob Farm inside of it. There was a plan to build planes in front of it in order to celebrate 9/11 of 2018. Unfortunately, the base was griefed a few months before it would have taken place.


A library built inside one of the base's naturally generated ravines made by Prismary. Later, a few brewing supplies were added into a side of the ravine.

Bwankie's Tower

The only major build made by Bwankie. It's a futuristic tower mainly made out of quartz.

Drollovitch's Cathedral

The Cathedral was a project by Drollovitch, who was the newest Equilibrium member at the time. Even though it has never been finished, it serves as a great reminder of what beautiful buildings were still going to be made at Equilibrium.

Lavacastle 2.0

A building by Giganox formed like a rose, inspired from the original Lavacastle he built as a standalone base. It mostly uses lavacasts to form it's walls and was going to be hollow on the inside. The original has been made famous by several YouTubers, giving it the nickname Stone Rose.


The Clay Dragon named "Dragun" was one of the newest builds in the base. It was constructed by Fabustra and planned out by himself and Prismary only a few weeks prior to the grief.


The bacon network is a grid of beacons providing buffs in the entire base area. It has been planned out and built by paulklee2000.

osu! cube

The first and only project by NikReturns. It's a tribute to a popular rythm-game called osu!.

MOB (Middle of Base) Placeholder-Building

The MOB building was one of paulklee2000's only projects. It served as a placeholder for a large-scale building in the very center of the base. A red glazed Terracotta block that was at the very center of the building and marked the notorious coordinates survived the grief and is today marking the center of the new base.