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Joined 2013 (ten years ago)
Type YouTuber, Nomad
SilverKrownKing, c1yd3i, James_Rustles, Spartan512, CainesLaw, Jacktherippa, Sato86, jared2013, Pyrobyte, balonypony, Jazukai, coconut4, TheCampingRusher, AlphaComputer, HermeticLock, Babbaj
Fit and his buddies destroying Summer Melon base on 2b2t.


Fit is a YouTuber who evolved out of the pre-Rusher playerbase. He has been involved in a number of builds, and was the leader of the Veterans during the Rusher War. He was also involved in the destruction of Summermelon.


Prior to Youtube

Fit (then "silentpedro") joined 2b2t in the summer of 2013, during the Second Incursion. He traveled thousands of blocks out "surviving on zombie flesh and spider eyes" before starting a farm. He made his first base in a winter biome near spawn but it was griefed by popbob , who killed Fit during the grief. He was a loner for his first year or so of 2b2t, until he was invited by James_Rustles in 2014 to join a base called the "Kool Kids Klub", where he helped build the gold farm. When the base was discovered, Fit fled, and returned to a spawn base of his, where he began experimenting with powered flight, making the first successful flying machine and later the first flyover of spawn.

Following this, he was approached by Sato86, who invited him to Asgard II. After OreMonger was given coords to Asgard II by a leaker, the members of Asgard II griefed their own base to make sure no other player would have the satisfaction. For the first few years of his time on the server he did not use a hacked client up until the Third Incursion. Fit joined the members at Wrath Outpost and fought in the incursion, managing to kill iTristan, jared2013, and taylo112. After its conclusion, Fit traveled by flying machine far out in the End and set up "the DFC", an outpost for travelers, which he abandoned when he learned that Mojang planned to extend the End. Afterwards, Fit moved to Aureus City , began farming gold, and began searching for ruins on 2b2t. He also griefed some spawnbases or whatever was associated with the Imps on Jan 3rd, 2016 alongside Babbaj and Jared2013.

Rusher Invasion