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HardHat was a silent, yet notable player from 2013. He came onto the server just to build his legacy, HardHat's Pyramid. The structure was built at -1 000 000, -1 000 000. The Pyramid had a 'Modernist' type of design, similar to that of the Eiffel Tower. The difference was that HardHat's Pyramid was not constructed from steel, it was from Stone Bricks. The base is made with lines upon lines of stone brick that all join together at squares with holes in the middle. The base goes like this all the way to the top, making the base look like something out of an optical illusion. The base is perfectly symmetrical all the way and with the same patterns repeated over and over again. This lead other players to the fact that HardHat was borderline insane if not fully. The pyramid does not have a tip but rather a large gap between all four points, leading down through the holes below.

HardHat built the Pyramid without any secondary programs, and it took him many months to complete the build. Some sources say it was completed in 2013, others say that it was completed in 2014. And if he was to place some blocks in the wrong way, he had to tear the whole thing down and start over from scratch. Most people that got to see the Pyramid were people heading to Imperator's base, which unintentionaly wasn't that far off. The visitors simply put signs stating that they were there. HardHat was at the pyramid for about a year, then quit, never to be seen again.

The Pyramid was griefed by Lifeisgood72 at the end of the Rusher war. However, the base has been restored at multiple bases. One of the most well known restorations was SKA2's slab pyramid. However, it should be mentioned that SKA2 used secondary programs to build the pyramid, as it would be too risky otherwise.