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The Imperialists
Founded 2017 (six years ago)

The Imperialists is a 2b2t group founded and led by 2b2tRiotPolice. Founded in April 2018, the group holds the explicit goal of becoming a large, well-known entity on 2b2t, setting goals for members to construct bases and highways in the name of the Imperialists. These actions are characterised by propaganda and heavy banner use.

Imperialists propaganda poster by Cloverfrost_.


The group has a complex rank system, in order of superiority as follows:

  • Ally
  • Recruit
  • Soldier
  • Soldier+
  • Hawkins Division
  • Destroyer
  • Supreme

Each member is also assigned a trust level as the Supreme sees fit. Additionally, members can also be recognised as Moderators, Recruiters, AttackSquad, Head Builder, Builders, Architects, and Designers.