Valley of Wheat

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The Valley of Wheat is a 2b2t monument built in 2010 and 2011. It is a hill range that has been transformed into a massive wheat farm. It lies directly on the X axis, around 14k blocks from Spawn.


The Valley was made by Jaang, in 2011. It is a giant wheat farm built on a hill range and has many pyramids and sphinxes made of sand. There are also many torches made of sand and netherrack. There is one pyramid in the middle with a nether portal on top. On the coast of the seas and lakes the Valley is surrounded by are many Sugarcanes, leading to a bit of a Beta vibe the base having. But even for todays standards, it is often considered quite a beautiful place.

Valley of Wheat


Back in 2011, a player by the name of Jaang started a large Ancient Egyptian themed wheat farm and let new players harvest it as long as they replanted the seeds. This earned him a large followership that helped him with expanding the Valley. If anyone built anything on the Valley, Jaang simply tore it down and did no harm to the builder. However, Jaang did not tolerate griefing. Jaang stayed mostly silent for a long time, but opened up to Offtopia after he saved Jaang from an attacker in the Nether. Offtopia helped Jaang mantain the Valley. This was needed for the Valley, as Jaang often took breaks from the server, once lasting for almost a year. After the Rusher invasion, the Valley of Wheat was griefed by the Resistance for "fun", and then it was griefed by numerous Rushers, Jewtubers and Veterans. Today, the valley has been partially rebuilt in honor of Jaang, many new players come to the valley to pay respect, and get food.


Prior to the Rusher War, the valley of wheat was mostly untouched and respected. However in July of 2016, 1 month after TheCampingRusher joined, Crippled, UnstoppableRageTrain and a few otheres griefed it. Since then it has been rebuilt slightly, however it is constantly being griefed. As of 2018, it has been blown up and lavacasted beyond repair by many other people. The Valley of Wheat has basically become a copy of Spawn.

The lavacasts in the valley of wheat
People blowing up the valley


popbob entered the Valley of Wheat and killed Jaang, but surprisingly did not grief anything at the Valley.