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Joined November 2014 (nine years ago)
Type Shitposter, Builder, Wiki Moderator
AutismBot, Drathader, jared2013, GanjMeisterBlock, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, Vertrix
An image of Joey_Coconut's "brick biome," in Block Game Mecca.
The logo of the Shortbus Caliphate.
Joey_Coconut's "CocoCastle."
Joey's "dabbing skateboard man."


Joey_Coconut is a well-known shitposter on 2b2t. He has participated in a number of bases, including Block Game Mecca. He is generally well-liked by the community.


Although he joined in 2014, he was only active for a period of roughly two months. He would rejoin in 2016 following the events of June First. He was introduced to the server, initially, by his friend, ARENAWARLORD, in 2014. Those who saw him online during this period thought he was an alternate account of coconut4, and so he was often harassed at Spawn. He learned to be silent in chat, as whenever he would say something, players would respond with various death/doxx threats, and also call him "fake coconut" as this was the time of the fake coconut meme, a popular chat meme revolving around coconut4. He traveled roughly 8,000 blocks out of Spawn, stopping at a place called "The Melon Wall", and did nothing but read global chat for several weeks. This got old quickly, and so he quit until June of 2016.

In June 2016 (seven years ago), he noticed thumbnails for TheCampingRusher's series on the "Oldest Server in Minecraft," and was drawn back into 2b2t. He became leader of a group of Rushers, and set up his first base in Tugboat Base, a base featured in one of Fit's videos. He and his group of newfags established two bases, named Altenburg and Salzburg, which were very short-lived.

Whilst operating his Sanctuary in the ruins of Tugboat Base, he met many travelers, including AutismBot, who would later become one of his friends and invite him to base at Block Game Mecca. AutismBot soon invited him to live at Invictus II.

Invitations to Bases
Joey's time at Invictus II was very short-lived, as the base was soon leaked to NedaT [1][2]. On his way to Invictus, Coconut ran into the entirety of the base group on the highway, on their way back from their recent raid on La Rosa, a base, which, at the time, was considered to be very wealthy. Joey_Coconut lived at Invictus from early October of 2016 to late November, when it was abandoned and griefed. He then lived at Obliviscaris, but this base was, as well, very short-lived and uneventful. Obliviscaris lasted only a few weeks in December of 2016. Coconut was then invited to C4RTM4N's base, the 2b2t Creative Mode Project, and went inactive during this time. When he returned, the base had been blown up by Parthicus.

Joey visited Ironfarm Base as well, after it was abandoned by the members. The base was given to Joey, who did not want to travel all the way out to the new base of the Invictus group, Block Game Mecca, which had recently been established. Instead, he elected to reside in the now-empty Ironfarm Base and attempt to create a cadet base for potential BGM members. Only two of those invited ever even showed up to the base, and Joey remained there for quite some time. One day, Joey_Coconut was alerted that there was a new teleportation glitch, and was subsequently teleported to Block Game Mecca. Ironfarm Base was griefed by Parthicus the following day.

Arrival in Mecca and Shitposting Career
After teleporting to Block Game Mecca in late March of 2017, Joey_Coconut began his career as a shitposter. In the words of AutismBot, Joey had, "...[gradually changed] from quiet nice kid to full blown[sic] autist." Joey_Coconut would often shitpost in chat, usually opting to manually type out all of the lyrics of entire Pink Floyd albums. His autism was such that he had an entire channel in BGM's Discord simply for the purpose of shitposting to himself. Joey would frequently raid the Block Game Mecca voice chat with a variety of instruments including, but not limited to: the trumpet, kazoo, and vuvuzela. He would also play lots of obscure music which often came in form of "ear-rape." With all of this shitposting, he found little time to build at BGM. Nevertheless, by the fall of Block Game Mecca, Joey_Coconut had created his "CocoCastle," a sizable village, complete with a melon shrine, and a replica tugboat from Tugboat Base. He also created the so-called "epic dabbing skateboard man statue". He also created several noteblock songs using an external program, including "Breathe" by Pink Floyd, "Through the Fire and Flames" by DragonForce, and "Oh, Christmas Tree," by Ernst Anschütz. Unfortunately, only one of these was constructed on 2b2t. It was, of course, "Oh, Christmas Tree".

In addition to his career in shitposting, Joey_Coconut was also known to create "autistic" projects. Joey_Coconut had duplicated over 6.2 Million brick blocks during the 1.12 Stacking Duplication. Upon duplicating that many bricks bricks, Coconut realized there was not many uses for them. He tried to resolve this issue by building with them. When that did not work, he decided to gift them to other players. When gifting them did not drastically decrease his supply, he began burning them en masse. Being approximately 21% Ashkenazi Jewish, this was simply too much. The pain of the lost opportunities and financial potential hurt him dearly. He replaced all surface blocks in an area of roughly 500x500 with the bricks. Whilst this did not put a significant dent in his supply of bricks, which still numbered roughly 6,100,000, he was satisfied. Player berkbrein helped Joey's efforts, constructing a model of a tree for Joey's newly-created "brick biome." Unfortunately, this was his last act on the server, and he has not been seen since August 20, 2017 (six years ago). Most Meccans assumed he had died in real life, but as Joey explained, "any e-doctor worth their salt would immediately know he contracted stage-five spontaneous terminal death autism from the brick biome". The "brick biome" killed berkbrein. As a result of the destruction of Block Game Mecca, millions of bricks perished in what is now known to Joey as the "Brick Holocaust," the "Final Solution" to the "Bricksh Question."

In the wake of the fall of Block Game Mecca, Joey_Coconut became heavily involved in the BoeMeccan Witch Trials against Beardler, along with YellowstoneJoe and _m_o_t_h_r_a_, firing the first 2 blows himself in these 2 reddit posts [3] [4]. More can be read on this subject in BoeMeccan Witch Trials

After the fall of Block Game Mecca, and all of the drama that accompanied the event, Joey has mainly stopped playing 2b2t. However, he claims that this is temporary and due to the immense queue, he logs on once in a blue moon to work on a magnificent base with a number of old friends of his. In early September, Coconut was elected president of the 22bt Democratic republic, he, with the help of several other kicked the faction's previous leader, Gambino, for abuse of power.
Additional Information
Now, Joey_Coconut is the Leader "Shortbus Caliphate". Joey is a co-founder of the group, along with Autismbot, and _m_o_t_h_r_a_ and was responsible for the actualization of the now-infamous map art of the original picture created by _m_o_t_h_r_a_. He used to hold the rank of Caliph, but following Autismbot's quitting of 2b2t on 9/11/18, he now is the leader, holding the rank of "Ascended Caliph". Joey_Coconut is also the President of The 2b2t Democratic Republic as of 9/1/18. Joey_Coconut is also a member of the Astral Order, and holds the rank of Meteorite. In addition, he was a member of the Fourth Reich during its momentary resurrection by Tim_Mcnukepants and jared2013 in 2018.

Joey_Coconut participated in both the Rusher War and the Sixth Incursion. By join date, Joey_Coconut is a midfag, but he considers himself to be a newfaggot as the majority of his time was spent post-June First. Joey has never leaked or griefed a base, despite being part of the Fourth Reich and the Shortbus Caliphate.

As of July 2018, Joey_Coconut is sparsely active on 2b2t, though active in the external community.