Judge's Group

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The Judge's Group was an old group from 2011 that was relatively well known around the server. The group were amongst the first to be pioneers of group bases, along with the Facepunch Republic, and the first known group to have made it to 1 million (X:1,000,000 Y: 1,000,000) and build a foothold there. The Judge Group started when Offtopia and THEJudgeHolden started to save newfags from spawn and leading them to their new base called Oldtown . Then Oldtown was attacked and a desperate race started to get as far as possible from spawn and escape the hackers and griefers back in chaos that was 2b2t in 2012. Their epic saga is told in the 2b2t comics made by Judge Holden.


Around the time THEJudgeHolden first joined 2b2t on an alt account of Offtopia, Judge founded Old Town in April of 2011. Eventually, Judge invited Offtopia to the base and Offtopia proposed the initial idea of the group. The group started to recruit its first members; jdw99666, elocdrof, marksman77, willyroof, bubbakennedy, and square_digger. The group also made Shitpit City at one point. Old Town flourished with visitors and construction project throughout the town. But it was not to last as popbob showed up and destroyed it in November of 2011.

Shortly after, the group moved on to build Ravenholm, an island base, and Ravendel. The group recruited a few more members at this time. Ravendel was also destroyed by popbob. It was at this point that the group finally decided to head out to 1 million to create 1 mil town. The group also continued to hire more members, chrisleighton being amongst them. Once at 1 million, a few group members

If you are wondering about the cliffhanger sudden stop, that is because the archived wikia at 2b2t.online doesn't hold all of this page. And I'm to lazy to write further, as that actually takes effort!