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Joined 2011 (twelve years ago)


Luke2thebun was an infamous 4channer, known for griefing many bases like Passie Town and 2k2k. He was often seen as one of the Facepunch Republic's sworn enemies, joining the ranks of Sequal and Taos_Lightin. Luke2thebun was too one of the first to use the tactic of making alts to inside bases and grief them, his most well known alts being GubbyGub and Mweorz.


It is unknown when Luke2thebun joined, but it was probably in early 2011. He grew to have many connections, to people like Tytoowns281, Sequal and Isak. When the Facepunch Republic was "established", Luke2thebun, with many other 4channers, did not take kindly. Luke2thebun used an alt by the name of Mweorz to join the Republic, then inside it with his friend Isak. Luke2thebun recorded some of his griefs and posted them to Youtube, and in them, you can clearly see him totally overpowering his opponents. Why was it so? Well, at the time, there weren't many people that used hacked clients. As to get one, you had to make it or install it from a very shady site (If they aren't shady enough today). Luke2thebun was too the main cause of Grayskull's stand, the battle that marks the beginning of the Facepunch Massacre/War. However, Luke2thebun is most known for the griefing of Passie Town. He got the coordinates from Polly_the_Parrot and griefed it on cam with his friend Tytoowns281. The Members of Passie Town blamed CremeOFTheSlop for the grief due to suspicous behavior. Luke2thebun stopped playing on his main account during the "Valkyrian" period, but he has sometimes came back and has even been spotted in 2b2t clones like 9b9t.