Nether Spawn

From 2builders2tools wiki

The nether is a highway network going under the Overworld. There are portals going along these highways. There are highways being destroyed and repaired right now. At inner spawn of 256x256 (128 out from 0,0) blocks. If you leave the Nether here, you will find mountains. If you leave at exactly -256,-256 you will be on one of the biggest mountains on 2b2t. In the overworld at -2000,-2000 is the summit of this mountain at 193 blocks above sea level. It is a volcano which forms when magma of 5000 Celsius reaches the surface of the server and cools down. It is the oldest volcano on the server and all mountains on 2b2t are volcanoes. Then, back on the I-10 there is destruction and repair happening. On many highways which allow you to go at 500 MPH with elytra there are signs saying SPEEED LIMIT 150. There are many scenic places accessed by portal on these highways like the Worldborder Basketball court. Then these highways go outside of the world.

The highways are high up at 113 blocks above the void so you are in the roof.