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Joined April 2016 (seven years ago)
Type Bird


Came across the motherboard article early 2016 and founded his first solo base along the -x highway (Still around today). Played solo till he befriended some players who will remain unnamed. Joined the SpawnMasons early 2017 when he build a thug ass windmill at some spawn base. Based at Space Jam (Commonly referred to as Space Base), he is still confident that it was one of the best end bases ever constructed. Also was at Vulcatavio and Boghdad, Does not spend much time on the server anymore, the account NickHasCancer is still at the +,+ border and has been for over 6 months now inactive. If he is online he is online on the accounts n0m, The_Blunt, Or Niggley. Was the first to reach the +z border with the rest of the dig team.

Bird Up

On the temp map last year Nick constructed a Pixel art head of his alt account skin entitled bird up, this and the burger kings he makes are the only noteworthy think hes ever done everything else is shit

Burger King

Eat Up