Nordic's Wall

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9-Jan-2018 2b2t-Spawn 3K-by-3K Nordic93.jpg
First screenshot of when i started construction on "Nordic's Wall"

Nordic's Wall is a landmark at spawn.

The wall goes around spawn 1,5k blocks out and is 12k long and can be seen fom space.

Nordic93 started construction on what would be called "Nordic's Wall" on the 20th of november 2017,

and the wall was done on the 1th of desember 2017.

2017-11-23 23.14.02.png
2017-12-02 00.37.03.png

It was supposed to have flowing lave in the senter of the wall but a fagg named

digging4gold started to remove the lava. He was chased away and foced to logout.

When the wall was done half of the lava was still intact

2017-11-30 14.14.33.png
2017-12-02 13.11.10.png