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Passie05 was a Facepuncher well known for his Castles and other Builds. Passie05 joined mid 2011 due to Chezhead's Republic post. The largest and most well known base Passie05 was a part of was Passie town, named after him. Although it should be mentioned that he did not start construction on it, that was PoliceMike55, but Passie05 did contribute to most builds at the town. The largest build Passie05 has worked on are the 4 Wool Castles, were Passie05 built great castles that reached the build height, decorated with different colors of wool and different types of logs. These castles are all found at different sites, the most famous one being at Ziggy town. Passie05 has also tried to repair the Spawn look-alike known as the Valley of Wheat in recent times.