Passie Town

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Passie Town, also known as Squid Base, was a 2011 base inhabited by several famous players and a squid statue. It was griefed by luke2thebun in late December of 2011.


Passie Town was founded by policemike55 during November of 2011. Around this time, Chezhead had given up on the republic and policemike desperately tried to hold it together. The base went on to boast many castles and the iconic Blooper. The base also had a spot where Facepunch Republic members had meetings. Popbob went on to join the base and built a large dome, in which he would build several others and would later become iconic. He joined unwantedly to the base, and the members at first thought that he would grief the place. However, they were wrong. Popbob also used his backdoor abilities, such as adding a pig spawner.

polly_the_parrot, a member at the base, leaked the coordinates to Luke2thebun for an unknown reason, and the base was later griefed by Luke2thebun and tytoowns281, both 4channers. It should be mentioned that the grief was caught on cam and posted onto Youtube. Members of the base pointed fingers towards CreamOFTheSlop for leaking the base's coords due to suspicious behavior.

5 years later the base was later leaked to the public (Again) by PandaSauce during the events of the Rusher War. The base has seen more destruction, however, is still recognizable to this day.