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Phagocytic was a Facepuncher that joined in Summer of 2011. He is most notable for trying to "reestablish" the republic with the Zion project. Phagocytic earned enough followers to begin this project due to being a trusted Facepuncher, he had based at Base Software and Hardware, and tried protecting it from invaders.


The name Zion comes from a mountain in Israel, there is also a place by that name in The Matrix, it is unclear where the name was taken from. Their most well-known base is 2k2k, located at -2000 -2000. Today, the base is a cobble monster mountain that reaches the height limit, this unique look was mostly perpetrated by Dyceley, a griefer that had an Autismal Outburst in 2014. However, back when it was first made, it operated similarly to the NFE (Which was too griefed by Dyceley), in that whenever the base was griefed, the inhabitants would simply rebuild it. However, 2k2k did not have the same level of dedication behind it as the NFE, and fell in mid 2012. Around this time, Phagocytic's account was bed-trapped.