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This will be taken from policemike55's recent reddit post, click here to see it.

The History of policemike55 as told by policemike55

Disclaimer: Not everything is 100% accurate, I went based off screenshots and memory.

My story begins in January of 2011, I was scrolling through 4chan and came upon an advertisement for a server called 2b2t.org. The server 2builders2tools (2b2t.org) was advertised as a server that promised players a vanilla survival gameplay with PvP and a never-ending world with no rules. Before discovering this server I had never played on an online server; I had only played on single-player worlds. The concept of the server got me interested and I decided to give it a chance.

When I joined the server I spawned in an obsidian box at 0,0 and was being punched to death by multiple players at spawn. I got extremely annoyed and decided to quit after 15 minutes of trying to escape. A couple of days later I got bored playing on my single-player world and decided to give the server another chance. When I logged on to the server for the second time, I was the only player at spawn and was able to navigate through the wall of cobblestone around spawn and escape. After I escaped spawn I decided to just walk around and see what I could find. I was amazed by spawn and how destroyed it was; nothing compared to modern-day spawn, but it was something new and nobody had seen anything like this before. The concept of no rules instantly had me hooked, so I continued to play actively.

A bit after joining I was met by recruiters for a group called the Facepunch Republic, also known as the Facepunch Alliance. I joined the group and made my way up the ranks. Our bases were always quickly griefed, but nobody cared and continued to build on. Facepunch Republic was a new concept, the idea of being apart of a group on the server was something new. We enjoyed building bases together, but it started to get boring doing the same thing over and over. Progressively the group started to die, and the group took a huge hit with Chezhead leaving. At one point I was given the opportunity to lead the Facepunch Republic, and believing that I could revive the group to its former glory, I took it over. All good things must come to an end though in 2b2t, and I decided to leave the Facepunch Republic. The group disbanded shortly after my leaving, with few efforts to stick around.

Soon after I was looking for something new, and I came across passie05. Me, squidgeymon, passie05, and some others came together and decided to start a base. We created the base called Squidpolice base and it was notably only a couple thousand blocks away from spawn. The base was the original Squidpolice Town and lasted a couple of weeks before being griefed; we believe popbob was behind it. Most all the players from the base quit or lost all intention to build another base.

With ambitions of starting a new, better base passie05, squidgeymon, and I set out to start a new base. We traveled about 100k out and this was very far out at the time. The base was created in August of 2011, this was the Squidpolice Town (Passie Town) that everyone knows about. Passie Town was constructed mostly by passie, while Squid and I gathered many resources and helped passie out as much as possible. During this time I took a small break from the server and passie searched for another member for the base. Passie came across a player known as xcc2; xcc2 is one of the best builders to ever play on 2b2t. As I would come back on to play, I was amazed by the work from xcc and passie. The base started to grow and gained two more members, CreamOfTheSlop and Predator. Then one day we caught word that popbob has found the base. When he arrived we expected him to just destroy the base, but popbob didn't seem to have bad intentions. We gave him a base tour and gave him an offer to stay at the base. We were all surprised to hear he would like to stay and build. Popbob went on to build at the base; building the glass dome. Sometime later passie decided to invite Polly_The_Parrot to the base and very shortly after him arriving the base was griefed by luke2thebun. We later discovered the Polly_The_Parrot was the one who leaked the cords.

The group at the Passie Town knew it was time to move on so we searched for new location for a base. We found a new location and created Plugin Town. The group had a backdoor and had access to creative mode, thanks to popbob. The base members of Plugin Town consisted of popbob, passie05, iclover, xcc2, CreamOfTheSlop, Polly_The_Parrot, assassinraptor, x0XP and I. Having creative mode was amazing, but quickly grew boring. The base was disbanded and most everyone went their separate ways.

At this point I kinda became a free-roamer. One of my friends (xcc2) was at a base called NFE. NFE was constantly griefed and a few other players including myself helped to repair it every time. The base was never completely destroyed until a griefing group with the name of Pyylaandia came and completely destroyed it. NFE was big, yet somehow every single block was destroyed and this made me very curious. There was no dupe at the time and that made me question how they managed to get all that tnt. I decided to set up to see if I could find their base and see if they were grinding gunpowder. After a couple of days of searching I found the grinder a couple thousand blocks nearby. I told xcc2 about my findings and we went to the grinder to put an end to it. We killed all of them and destroyed the grinder, preventing them from grinding tnt. NFE went on to be rebuilt and protected once again.

At this point the end was introduced to the game and I had a back door; which lead me to attempting to create the end portal. I was unaware that there had to be a correct eye of ender orientation. xcc2 knew how to create the portal and invited me to NFE where he was going to build it. xcc2 lit the first portal on 2b2t with me present, and xcc2 and I were the first to enter the end and generate the original end map. Hause later went on to destroy all the portals and create his own public portals.

I was later invited by popbob to grief some bases. With popbob, passie05, I went on to grief some bases, no major bases but it was something new. The years started to go on, I quit multiple times in the following years. I built a few solo bases and joined a few group bases. The server starting building slowly until the youtuber TheCampingRusher started to play on the server. I heard about him joining the server but had no interest in checking it out.

Mid 2017 I decided to join and see how things we going, I logged on to see a message from 0xymoron. 0xymoron told me about a base with oldfags that he was starting called Ragnarok. The offer had me intrigued and I decided to go and check it out. After a tour from 0xy I decided to base there with 0xy, grindlord, pyro and many others. The base grew fast, especially with the server's knowledge of 0xymoron's museum. 0xymoron was a collector and loved rare items. The base was a target for many griefers and eventually got griefed after a couple of months. Ragnarok was leaked by a AutismBot: a player who previously received an invite and coords. AutismBot never came to the base and released the cords to the 4th Reich. After Ragnarok was destroyed I decided to take a break from the server.

Fast forward to 2018 I decided to come back on and play, once again I received messages from 0xymoron about how he started a new base (Ragnarok 2). The members consisted of members from Ragnarok 1 and a few others. By the time I decided to start to build the base was already dead, yet I helped build there and maintained the base. It was at this time I decided to try something new when jared2013 invited me to the 4th Reich and I decided to join. I went on to grief bases with jared2013 on my alt and would still build at Ragnarok 2 even though the base was dead. This went on for a couple of months, until I decided that the base was ready to die. I got a world download of the base and gave the cords to jared2013. Ragnarok 2 was full of amazing members who have done incredible things on the server. The base is now public and anyone can see all the great work the members have done.

At this point I was making my way up the ranks of the 4th Reich. It got to the point where it needed to come to an end though, so jared2013, vetous, and I decided to disband the 4th Reich for the last time. After the group disbanded I was in need of a new group and came upon Emperium. The Emperium had former members of the 4th Reich that I was familiar with. After talking to the group TheDark_Emperor let me join and become a member. This has led up to present day, where you can still see me playing on the server as an active member of The Emperium.