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To keep the wiki accurate and formal, we enforce certain rules and guidelines contributors are to follow.



  • All pages are to be written in a non-biased manner
  • Pages should be written:
    • Formally
    • Without contractions
    • In the third person
  • Pages accurately and truthfully describe the content with which they are associated
  • If applicable, pages have to be categorized
  • Pages do not harass, insult or contain personal information of players.

When creating a page

  • Make sure the title of your page
    • Relates to the content on it
    • Can not be confused with other pages
  • Make sure you are following the general rules

When editing a page

  • After saving changes
    • Provide a short but useful summary of what you edited
    • If an edit is minor (i.e. categorisation, fixed typos, added a link), check the This is a minor edit box.
  • Make sure you are following the general rules

Applying the rules

To write a visually pleasing page, one must have a decent understanding of the templates we use and what formatting applies where.

Categorizing a page

Every page deserves to be in a category. For a list of categories, visit this list. To place a page in a category, edit it and (by standard) write this at the very top: [[Category:<Category>]] where <Category> is the category the page belongs to.
Example: [[Category:Players]]
NOTE: Images always have to be categorised as well!

Using templates

Take a look at mediawiki's official template documentation first. Templates are pre-made parts of pages. They're meant to generalize complicated formatting that appears often or on many pages.
The wikitext to use one is as follows: {{<Template name>|<Parameter 1>|<Parameter 2>|<Parameter ... n>}}


A template exists for dates to create a consistent formatting standard and display how long ago that date happened.
To use it: {{Date and age|<Year>|[Month]|[Day]}}

Where Year, Month and Day are numerical. Year is required, Month and Day are not.


{{Date and age|2018}} 2018 (five years ago)
{{Date and age|2018|03|12}} March 12, 2018 (five years ago)
{{Date and age|2013|8}} August 2013 (ten years ago)

You've probably seen infoboxes before: they're the tables that appear to the right side of pages that revolve around players, bases or groups.
To create one, start by picking out the correct infobox for your page from this list.
For our example, let's pick Infobox group. For a list of what you can change, just edit the template and look for anything surrounded by three curly brackets, like {{{this}}}.
Construct the template:

{{Infobox group
|<var1> = <val1>
|<var2> = <val2>
|<varN> = <valN>

where var is one of the variables you can change, and val its corresponding value.
An example:

{{Infobox group
|title = My awesome group
|founded = {{Date and age|2015|05}}
|image = [[File:myawesomegroup.png|230px]]
|members = [[086]]
My awesome group
Founded May 2015 (eight years ago)