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This page will use parts from Xcc2's post "The History of xcc2 and NFE (as told by xcc2)"

"The worst of the griefers was a group from Finland that called themselves Pyylaandia. The members were Fenster, Poersijn, Vaquera and their leader, Arthur_McGuire. These guys made it their mission to completely destroy the entire place... and they succeeded. One day I logged out in the castle, as usual; when I logged back in later I was met with utter destruction. There was not a single stone left of the castle and all that remained with a giant hole. The team from Finland had brought four inventories of TNT and decimated the place. I didn't know at the time how they had obtained so much TNT. There was no available dupe methods and in fact nobody had ever considered the possibility to dupe anything. At this point it was too much for my friend alex0208 and he left 2b2t. I saw him log on one or two more times over the years, but we never based together again, and I don't think he ever played on the server much after that."

"I would spend months there, guarding and repairing the base after each grief, usually none as bad as the one performed by the Pyyland team. These guys would be gone from 2b2t for months, and then show up randomly just to TNT the base into rubble again. They did this three different times until one day when I was talking to policemike55 I mentioned that they must be grinding gunpowder somewhere nearby, since I was seeing them online a lot. He told me that he thought he found a grinder a few thousand blocks away and he went looking for it. On that day polimike55 found the grinder and the guys from Pyyland AFK while it collected gunpowder. I met him there and we killed them all and TNTd their grinder, stopping them from their final grief of NFE."

It should be mentioned that Pyyland were allies with the Vikings. The Vikings lost two of their men in an encountor with the NFE and Brotherhood of the Diamond in late 2011, and seeked revenge. Pyyland dropped their griefs over a span of months in 2012, and in early 2013, Pyyland's mob grinder was found and dumpster'd by policemike55 and xcc2.