Sixth Incursion

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Sixth Incursion
Founded April 03, 2018
Concluded May 03, 2018 (five years ago)
Sato86, jared2013, _Henry_, drewbookman, Coltsnid, TheDark_Emperor, DieloTai, HermeticLock, Tanaxis, ThebesAndSound, Buffsukii, GlowskiBroski, LordGalvatronMC, MortAmos, Sun_Wukon, DemonElite119, rooster548, SonEasterZombie, Xdolf, Widowed_Envelope, Joey_Coconut, 23edwa0123, _m_o_t_h_r_a_, Anar_NL, AntVenom, AutismBot, Babbaj, DirtShrimp, Doggphin, Durdi, Ericudo, EX0DlSS, FallsGreen, furleoxnop, GenderPretender, ReapingGnome, GoodZixt, HomelandUnsurety, househousehouse1, irongolem43, ItsYoungDaddy, Jacksharkben, Jumbo_Warrior, Kardax, Massive_Russian, Myne1001, Scribblefoxx, Sh0t, Soviet_Infidel, Twinkylion, unexpectedjorre, User123, iTavux, 0x22, Adriano1804, AkenoTheSadist, alkahest_, Alosion, BastiVC, BlackRoseBunny, BLOCK567, Boofer, Cloverfrost_, Crystallising, hcbt, THE_ARYANIZER, tenderhart, DankPrismarine, Dom2789, ELVengineer, ExaltedSpartan, Fit, Flyinqq, fowlup67, Giganox, gRiNdLoRd, GVNewman, HolyBruhBrine, iAreLuck, Ivangaming666, jordanl666, WarLordN1k, KlubTHEMinecart, l_amp, mrking039, leimo, Lizzaroro, maanus10, Mancan7, natester1001, NickHasCancer, Todarac, InfernoPickaxe, Nordic93, P529, pimpleyshix, diagoporotin, Prismary, rootbeerguy1212, RussianMinecraft, Sage_Mathias, Zaritrix, xTwitty, Nekramite, 086, ShRules, SoloPlayer88, StneCldKilla, Spyro_Malin, The_GenderBender, Vab_ito, i5U, Elementars, stinkysunrise, Vaxent, Vertrix, Virl, xyzvp, EdgeLord_exe, 2b2tRiotPolice, McNeo, ZephaniahNoah, kervu, Michaelmcchill
A render of the Sixth Wall taken by ThebesAndSound.
A render of a major section of the Sixth Wall, taken by ThebesAndSound.
An image of some of the members of the Sixth Incursion.


The Sixth Incursion was by far the largest event in 2b2t's history. With over two-hundred participants, its player count soared above all previous incursions. The Sixth Incursion lasted for exactly a month, during which The Sixth Wall was constructed, amongst other builds. The Sixth Incursion was a result of AntVenom's presence on 2b2t.


The day that AntVenom released his video, Sato86 submitted a post to the subreddit announcing the beginning of the Sixth Incursion, and asked _Henry_ to create the first Sixth Incursion Discord. In a matter of twenty-four hours, the Discord boasted over a hundred members, all of which eager to begin the slaughter. Immediately after the video was uploaded, Hausemaster switched to a temporary map to handle the impending hordes of newfaggots. These newfaggots would be named "antfags" by the Sixth Incursion. To garner support for his cause, Sato86 appealed to the United Group Embassy, a council of many of the groups that existed on 2b2t at the time. This council included notable groups such as The Emperium, DonFuer, Goodwill Trading, and the Vortex Coalition. The SpawnMasons were also invited to partake in the Sixth Incursion, as well as HermeticLock for organisational purposes. The leaders of each of these groups were promoted to an administrative role within the Sixth Incursion Discord. The initial idea was to have each leader control his or her group and work towards a common goal. At this early stage, the goal of the Sixth Incursion was simply to ward off the invading antfaggots. During the temporary map, the Sixth Incursion was organised and its power was flexed.
The Return of the Oldmap
When the Oldmap returned in mid-April, 2018, members of the Sixth Incursion were urged to head towards Spawn and begin slaughtering antfaggots. Player jared2013 then joined the Sixth Incursion, and swiftly ascended the ranks. During this time period, controversy involving D_loaded, the leader of the DonFuer, lead to his eventual banishment, and jared2013 took his place as a leader of the Incursion. Jared, along with the other leaders, decided to abolish the divisive system by which groups were separated, and instead chose to divide players into regiments. Regiments contained seven players each, and jared2013 made these with the intention of exposing players to members of different groups, to solidify the Sixth Incursion under a single banner. As this process began, the Discord created by Henry was deleted due to a complaint of a violation of Discord's terms of service. Jared created the new Discord, and hastily recreated all of the regiments and ranks that had been destroyed by the deletion. It was during this time that jared2013 created the "don't message me" role, a role which would later be occupied by _Henry_ to indicate custody over the Sixth Incursion. Nordic93 was one of the first people to reach Spawn, and he immediately began construction on what is now referred to as "Nordic's Wall", a 3000x3000 precursor to the Sixth Wall, which is 2000x2000.

As the new Discord was being constructed, it was decided that the Sixth Incursion should focus on creating a wall around the area in which players spawn. This was agreed upon, and construction began over the foundation set by the Fifth Incursion. Initial progress was good, but ThebesAndSound made it more efficient when he decided to abolish the regimental system and instead categorise members by the direction of the wall they were working on. Leaders, known as "Cardinal Leaders," were assigned to each wall, and much progress was made. The first wall reached the height limit on April 19, 2018 (five years ago), and the other walls followed shortly after. The players ThebesAndSound and DieloTai were promoted to leadership roles, and _Henry_ was given ownership of the Discord.

In addition to the Sixth Wall which was being constructed in the overworld, the Incursion took to the nether and began building a 100x100 obsidian wall from bedrock to bedrock. This wall was finished in a single day, but was withered afterwards and almost completely destroyed. However, the Sixth Incursion learned during this period that it was possible to create "gulags," places in which antfaggots were enslaved and put to work mining e-chests for the construction of the wall. This proved to have some incredible potential, and many gulags were constructed all around Spawn. In addition to being a good solution to necessary labour, these gulags produced some players who were seen by the Incursion as competent, players such as Cloverfrost_ and HomeUnsurety, who later joined the efforts of the Sixth Incursion.
Conflict with Infrared and Conclusion
After Fit made his video on it, which was released on April 23, 2018 (five years ago), players Armorsmith and IHackedWalmart began spawning withers along the wall. The group of Infrared, though asked by jared2013 if they would like to participate in the Sixth Incursion, refused, on account of The Emperium's membership in the event, and their long-lasting feud with the group. These were highly damaging to the Sixth Incursion's efforts, but the Incursion repaired the damage and progressed. Upon realising the determination of the Incursion, Armorsmith and friends began to target a specific section of the wall for withering. This was more effective, and managed to slow the Incursion's efforts. By this time, it was nearly May third, and the Sixth Incursion was nearing its conclusion. Many members of the Sixth Incursion, including Flyinqq, Fit, InfernoPickaxe, Xdolf, and others, fought the invaders and managed to score a number of victories. Unfortunately for the Incursion, the guerrilla-esque tactics of the griefers were too damaging to be easily repaired, and the Sixth Incursion concluded with some damaged walls.

Overall, the Sixth Incursion was the single largest, as of July 2018, event that was ever planned on 2b2t. At its peak it boasted over two-hundred active members, and amongst those, many who spent hours working on the incredible 2000x2000 wall. The wall and its ruins will be visible for years, and are even visible as an enveloping force in most renders of Spawn. The Sixth Incursion will be remembered by many players as one of the most significant events of 2018.

It should be noted that the Discord which was used during the Sixth Incursion is still active as of July 2018 (five years ago) and has been turned into a "virtual historical site." You can join here.
The video released by AntVenom:

The video of the Sixth Wall released by Fit: