Southern Canal

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The southern canal is a 5 block wide public highway made of water, built by the South Canal Corp. It stretches southward from spawn. It reached 100 thousand blocks in length in the August of 2017. Many people have tried to grief it, including househousehouse1 and jared2013, however it is always being restored. It is a quick way to get out of spawn.

The southern canal


The canal was originally started by ThebesAndSound in December of 2014. In 4 months he had build the part from 21.5k to 26.5k. In 2015, ThebesAndSound contacted ChadDX and gave ownership to the spawn side of the canal. Thebes later joined Chad and his group and started to dig the canal southward from spawn. The old end of the canal is the 56k obsidian hand monument, however the canal now reaches over 100,000 blocks.


The beta 1.8 update decreased sea level from y = 64 to y = 63, so at 72k the canal drops down a level and is only 2 blocks deep from that point on.

The Terminal

The southern canal begins at 0, 67, 1200. There used to be a terminal there made of stone brick built by ChadDX but it has been destroyed.

The terminal of the canal, which is now gone.

Involvement in the war

The canal was also the place where many rushers made bases during The Rusher War. The rushers also griefed the canal significantly. However the South Canal Corp has repaired the canal.

The Southern Canal at 100k blocks.