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An overhead view of 2b2t's spawn, with the obsidian ceiling visible.
An isometric render of 2b2t's spawn.
An overhead render of 2b2t's spawn, with the Sixth Wall visible.
A 2011 render of 2b2t's spawn, taken by xcc2.
The oldest known screenshot in existence of 2b2t's spawn.

"Spawn" refers to the global spawn-point of players upon joining for the first time or dying without a bed spawn-point set. This page discusses the details of the overworld spawn region. For information on the spawn of other dimensions, please refer Nether Spawn and End Spawn.


Spawn is the center of the map on and by far the most recognisable location on the server. Spawn has been the stage for many events throughout 2b2t's history, most notably the Spawn Incursions and NFE, though there have been numerous smaller and more obscure events. Spawn is the location at which every new player will find themselves upon joining for the first time. Spawn can be divided into two large sections, Inner Spawn and Greater Spawn. Inner Spawn is defined as the 2,000 x 2,000 (1,000 on each axis) block area in which players will spawn upon death (if no bed spawnpoint is set), or upon joining for the first time. Greater Spawn would be the 10,000 x 10,000 (5,000 on each axis) block area in which most of the destruction is contained.


Spawn was generated in December 2010 when the server was created. Spawn used to be very different than it is today, however, and in its earliest days served as a communal hub. Spawn was a collection of overlapping villages, many of which were griefed and left as ruins.

Notable Landmarks