The Vikings

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The Vikings, also known as the Dutch, and not to be confused with the people at Viking Base (Imps), were most likely an old raider group on 2b2t. The group is known from an encounter including xcc2 , x0XP, and the Brotherhood of the Diamond.


Not much is know about the group (other than they might be dutch) due to time, however what is known is that they once had a confrontation with the Brotherhood of the Diamond at one of xcc2's and x0XP's bases. The group threatened to attack xcc2's and x0XP's base and the two asked for help from the Brotherhood. During the defense of the base, they managed to kill two iron armored players, however they turned out not to be the Dutch. The Dutch stated that they had an ally that was grinding gunpowder in order to create TNT and were going to attack the base. After awhile, the group never showed up and so the Brotherhood departed from the base. However, after a few months, xcc2 logged back onto the server and saw that the NFE had been blown into smithereens. This group turned out to be the Pyylaandia.