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Type Builder
Youtube ThebesAndSound
Discord Thebes#0001
Reddit /u/ThebesAndSound

ThebesAndSound is a 2b2t player notable for having founded the South Canal in December 2014, going on to lead players contributing to its construction calling themselves South Canal Corp (SCC). Thebes based at Mu, Point Dory, as well as leading Public Works during the 7th Incursion.


Thebes joined in 2014, and founded the Southern Canal in December of that same year. Early work on the canal was done by Thebes, ChadDX, Dic, joshYarnspinner, rainyafternoon and others. Several months after TheCampingRusher joined, Thebes eventually became part of the X+ Diggers (also known as the Nether Highway Group, and subsequently based at Point Dory and joined Mu afterwards.

At Mu, Thebes would use the chunk dupe to create stashes with thousands of dubs (double chests) of materials, which were eventually world-edited out by Hausemaster, among other things.

During the Seventh Incursion, Thebes was the lead of Public Works, and a General and Sectional Leader of Henry's Incursion, where Public Works contributed to infrastructure projects around Spawn. After the end of the Incursion (not Reloaded), Thebes continued to work on his project independently of jared2013's incursion. Thebes is also staff of the Map Artists of 2b2t discord.