Wrath Outpost

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The Wrath Outpost is a monument that was built during the Third Spawn Incursion by Valkyria . Wrath was the central spawn base of the Valkyrians during the Incursion . It was given the name Wrath as a symbol of Valkyria's rage towards the other players for the destruction of Asgard II . The Wrath outpost was made completely out of obsidian, making it relatively ungreifable (Although people have been able to lava cast and wither it). Inside of Wrath Outpost was two pieces of bedrock placed by Pyrobyte due to his access to a backdoor, one in the staircase, and the other in the center.


Wrath Outpost's entrance is a long wide corridor that leads into the heart of the building. The heart of the Outpost has a simple square perimeter, but the walls are made of giant arches that form into a large dome that goes above the clouds.


After the Rusher War , The 4th Reich posted a video on their Youtube channel. The video showed them griefing Wrath Outpost by spawning many withers as well as removing the bedrock placed by Pyrobyte using a method involving a dragon egg.