Wrath Village

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Wrath Village

Dates: September 29th 2019 - August 3rd 2019

Location: 3k 500

Member Count: 31


Established on August 29th, Wrath Village was established when players Nambrose and Jakeolover rebuilt Wrath Outpost at the coordinates 3k 500. With the help of four other players, it was built in the course of 9 hours. After construction was over, players were invited to come and build at the newly named "Wrath Village", including a mob farm, a map art museum, a Valley of Wheat recreation, and an obsidian dinosaur skull


On September 3rd, 2019, an unknown player sent the coordinates of Wrath Village to another player, Enderpearl, who was live streaming at the time. A viewer of his live stream leaked the coordinates to the public, leading to half a dozen unknown players coming to wrath within the hour. Knowing that it was most likely the downfall of Wrath Village, its members decided to defend the base as best they could, killing all random players who showed up. When they were no longer able to, they griefed all non-obsidian builds themselves so no others could be able to do so, officially abandoning the project.

Notable Members

  • Nambrose (Builder/Project Leader)
  • Jakeolover (Builder/Project Leader)
  • CactusDuper (Builder)
  • DudeTrash (Builder)
  • CB_Gator (Builder)
  • Vexxer232 (Builder)
  • ToxicNAE
  • Jadestrouble
  • CrawketBots/RocketMech
  • Paralusion
  • Jebolgray/ImHavingAFitMC
  • TheMlgFox/mikeman335
  • The_Wise_Walrus
  • OverFloyd
  • xpandahangoverx
  • 6wj
  • jakethasnake52
  • Steve3/TheCampngRusher
  • BeanShooter
  • AfroScrolls
  • Villicool112
  • Blaineee
  • Swerver
  • V999
  • JaysPet


  • An indestructible End Crystal is located on top of Wrath Village
  • The design for Wrath Village was recreated after Wrath Outpost
  • It is located on top of a slime chunk
  • Over 9 shulkers of E-Chests were used
  • Instead of a piece of bedrock, a sponge block was placed instead