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Joined June 01, 2016 (seven years ago)
Cloverfrost_, Imperialists, StneCldKilla

Z3m1, otherwise known as memebot_, is a player who joined in the Rusher era.


Z3m1 joined in the Rusher era. He stopped for a month due to the long queue as a result of the Rusher War. He rejoined in 2017 to explore the builds since time had passed.

In 2018 he returned to his old bases. He met Cloverfrost_, known for building, StneCldKilla, known for his amazing maps and Zurisadai. After the AntVenom 2b2t video, they contacted The_DarkEmperor regarding the Sixth Incursion. They helped build and protect the wall, and participate in the gulag.

At the conclusion of the Incursion, they were invited by 2b2tRiotPolice to join the Imperialists. Today you will find him roaming spawn, aiming to form a group of his own.